Monday, November 16, 2009

What to Make for Dinner When all you have is cabbage and eggs and leftover chicken?

I made pancit for my kids today. Pancit is one of the national dishes of the phillipines, and I discovered it one day on one of my favourite websites: is an ingredient search engine. You tell the supercomputer what you have in your kitchen, and it will tell you what you can make with it.

One day I was trying to think of what I could make for my kids that would be a popular, healthy meal, that would use up some cabbage and chicken I had lying around. Answer? pancit!

When I told my philipino friend, Mary Jane, she was very excited to discover that I'd made pancit for my kids.

And my son wanted to know could I make this every day? I just pan-fried some noodles and chicken and strips of cabbage with a little soy sauce and garlic and voila! I was a culinary hero to my children.

I recommend you go and try it right now. Nothing but pumpkins and rice flour in the house? No problem, you can whip up a batch of korean pumpkin soup.


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