Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Broke Down....

And dyed my hair...after spending more than a year growing out the last dye job. Most of the time I interface with my clients and business partners over the phone. But last month I had a conference to go to. And I didn't fancy the thought of showing up with my hair all streaky grey. so I went to the salon, had it cut and dyed as close to my natural colour as possible. The result? My hair is now reddish brown instead of its natural mouse-brown. The grey was still clearly visible under the harsh lights of the salon. I now have a half-inch of mouse-brown hair growing out at the roots. And I remember what I'd taken the last 18 months or so to forget -- there's a reason I wanted to stop dyeing my hair. So, I've gone and done a little research online to look for a solution to this problem, and I came across an article describing how to make homemade hair dye from walnut husks henna coffee tea I also came across suggestions on how to dye my hair red, blue or purple using koolaid crystals. Maybe some other day. Since tea seems the easiest to me, I'm off to brew myself a pot. I'll have some to drink, and some for my hair. And I'll let you know how it turns out.

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  1. Hello,
    I love your philosophy of living well on less. However, I'm sure you must not realize that the phrases "Frugal Luxury" "Frugal Luxuries" and their derivatives are registered and protected under the U.S. trademark and copyright laws and thus are for exclusive use of the trademark and copyright holders. Therefore our attorneys insist that we inform you cease and desist the using these phrases as it dilutes the brand.
    Thank you and best of luck with your blog.
    Tracey McBride