Sunday, April 12, 2009

More on "Self-Cleaning" Hair

So, apparently this is what they're calling it. "Self-cleaning" hair.

And perhaps the idea is catching on....which kind of shocks me. Most people look pretty horrified when I tell them that I haven't used shampoo in since February of 2007. Wait, don't stop reading.... I DO wash my hair. I just don't shampoo it. Water only. And no one in all that time has ever noticed, except my hairdresser.

One of my hairdressers in Rio told me she might try it herself, after seeing how silky and healthy my tresses now are.

As I posted last month, I have had "self-cleaning" hair for over 2 years. After living near the beach in Brazil for over a year, my hair was a total disaster. The sun, salt and humidity had me constantly looking like the 'before' shots in all those shampoo commercials.

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