Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quick Easy Breakfasts All Month Long

It's Sunday today. My family and I just sat down to a lovely breakfast of french toast and bacon, with fresh fruit and pure maple syrup.

While I was whipping up the french toast, I fried up a whole loaf extra for later in the month. When I'm done cooking it, and letting it cool, I just slip it back into the bread bag it came from and pop it in the freezer. With about 7 eggs and roughly a half cup of milk I can do a whole loaf of bread. I add a splash of real vanilla to the mix, a sprinkle of salt, and sometimes some cinnamon or orange zest.

French toast freezes very well, and can be heated easily in the toaster. That way, I can quickly give my kids the added nutritional benefits of eggs and milk with their morning toast. Plus they like it better than plain toast. Sometimes I make it with whole wheat toast for extra fiber.

Freezer french toast really cuts down on the morning rush. And cuts down on the mess too. when I cook in bulk.

This also works very well for pancakes too.

Breakfast is a great place to start with Whole Month Cooking. If you'd like to find out more great ideas for ways to cut down on your time in the kitchen check out these resources:

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